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New encoding profiles published for Flash video on devices

Adobe Media Encoder profiles for devices

Encoding profiles let you easily prepare video for delivery to TVs and mobile devices

Adobe has released new encoding profiles for use in Adobe Media Encoder that help you easily target all of the new devices that are now supporting Flash Player 10.1.

Learn more:
Kevin Towes’ blog: New Encoding Settings for Multiple Screens in AME CS5

Download the profiles:

The profiles are broken into three categories:
– Tablet and Mobile devices
(frame size: 512 x 288)
– Desktop and Television (SD)
(frame size: 768 x 432)
– Desktop and Television (HD)
(frame size: 1280 x 720)

Installing them is easy. Just make Adobe Media Encoder is not open and then copy the files:

Browse to the following folder:

  1. C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingAdobeCommonAME5.0Presets
  2. Copy the presets from the ZIP package into thefolder

Browse to the following folder:

  1. ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Common/AME/5.0/Presets
  2. Copy the presets from the ZIP package into the folder

That’s it! When you launch Adobe Media Encoder, you will now have the new presets available.

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