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Stratus RTMFP service renamed “Cirrus”

RTMFP Groups now supported in Adobe Cirrus

To have access to the new peer-to-peer feature in Flash Player 10.1, you’ve had to use a service called Stratus. This free service, hosted by Adobe, allows you to “introduce” client SWFs to each other and open a P2P connection between them. This service uses some of the same technology found in Flash Media Enterprise Server 4 (released in September 2010).

Stratus has been morphed into the project code named ‘Cirrus.” Like Stratus, Cirrus is a technology preview service for developers to build applications using Peer Assisted Networking features found in Flash Player 10.1.

Cirrus has now been upgraded to support new RTMFP groups technology built within Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta and Adobe AIR® 2 beta.

With this service, you can try your hand at creating video, audio and low latency games without deploying a server. It’s a great way to learn about the technology for free. For more details, visit the Cirrus page on Adobe Labs or the Cirrus Wiki. To learn more about how to get started with Cirrus, check out the article “Stratus service for developing end-to-end applications using RTMFP in Flash Player 10.” Whew. What a long title, descriptive, though!

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