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Top 10 video sessions: Adobe MAX 2010

Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX 2010. October 23-27, Los Angeles, CA

Like many of you, I’m unfortunately missing MAX this year (if you are there, why are you taking time to read my blog — get to a session and pay attention!) I had been scheduled to present HD Streaming with HTTP Dynamic Streaming but unforeseen circumstances have made it impossible for me to travel right now. So here we are — watching the keynote broadcasts and watching Twitter and blogs for breaking news.

If you are there, or you want to know what recordings to watch after MAX is over… here is a list of my top 10 recommended Flash video sessions this year:

  1. HD Streaming with HTTP Dynamic Streaming
    WEDNESDAY at 9:30am
    Speaker: Will Law (graciously covering for me, and infinitely qualified; he works for Akamai)
  2. H.264 Encoding Strategies for All Screens
    WEDNESDAY at 8:00am
    Speaker – Fabio Sonnati – Amazing encoding genius.
  3. Video on Flash Player 10.1 Mobile Devices
    TUESDAY at 3:00pm
    Speaker: Jens Loeffler (Adobe Evangelist)
  4. Secure Enterprise Video Streaming with Flash Media Server and P2P
    MONDAY at 5-6pm
    Speakers: Asa Whillock and Seth Hodgson – Adobe Flash Media Server Engineering team
  5. Building P2P Multiplayer Games
    TUESDAY at 3:00pm
    Speaker: Tom Krcha (World Wide Adobe Evangelist)
  6. Building Scalable Applications with P2P and RTMFP — LAB (probably no recordings, boo)
    TUESDAY AT 1:00PM & WEDNESDAY at 1:30pm
    Speaker: Michael Thornburgh and Brad Outlaw (Adobe Flash Media Server Engineering Team)
  7. MAX UnAwards widget uncovered: developing personalized video apps on the web
    WEDNESDAY at 9:30am
    Speaker: Serge Jespers (World Wide Adobe Evangelist)
  8. Designing Custom Video Players — LAB (probably no recordings)
    TUESDAY at 1:00pm & WEDNESDAY at 1:30pm
    Speaker: R Blank – AlmerBlank training
  9. Robust Video Player Development with Open Source Media Framework — another LAB (probably no recordings)
    MONDAY at 12:45pm & TUESDAY at 3:30pm
    Speaker: Greg Hamer – world wide guru on Flash video development
  10. Roadmap: Flash Platform Servers and Services
    TUESDAY at 4:30pm
    Speaker: Kevin Towes & Matthais Zeller (Product Managers for Adobe Server Technologies)

If you are able to attend any of these sessions, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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