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OSMF 1.5 Released; Get started with this layout example

OSMF 1.5 Released

Open Source Media Framework 1.5 was released late last week, with some significant new features:

  • FMS 4.0 Multicast support (Native IP Multicast, P2P Multicast, and Multicast Fusion) — for significant savings in bandwidth and network resources when broadcasting to a closed network.
  • Stream Reconnect (FMS 3.5.3 and later) — continue to play out the buffer while trying to reconnect when connection is lost.

Download source and docs, or for more information on specs and new features, visit OSMF.org.

Also, David Hassoun and John Crosby have put together two great articles on OSMF 1.5 and Multicast:

Live Multicast Streaming using OSMF

Creating a Simple Multicast Player using OSMF

I spent the weekend playing around with the new version, and noticed that one of the sample files had some minor errors in it. That always bugs me, so I decided to pick it apart and revamp it a bit. In this example, I’ve used the layout API to create four banner areas. Two of them are serial elements that rotate two clickable banners, and the other two trigger a reconfiguration of the player layout when clicked.

The ActionScript file is heavily commented, guiding you through the process of setting up the serial and parallel elements, decorating the elements, and adding interactivity. If you have any questions, ask away!

Download the source

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  1. Tony Stark November 8, 2010

    The LFLMediaContainerSample.zip download link is broken 🙁

    • Lisa November 8, 2010

      Doh! Not sure what happened there. All fixed. 🙂


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