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P2P Flash, not just for the enterprise anymore!

Flash Media Enterprise Server hosting now available with Influxis and Amazon EC2

When Adobe announced peer-to-peer support in Flash Player earlier this year, I was thrilled. My mind started buzzing with the possibilities for new and innovative apps that we could build, with access to P2P connectivity RIGHT IN THE BROWSER. It reminded me of the way I felt working with Flash Communication Server back in 2002; so many possibilities!

Then cold, harsh reality… the announcement that only the Enterprise edition gave you P2P capabilities, and with a $45k price tag. I wasn’t just disappointed for myself and all those possibilities, but for the momentum I knew it would take from independent programmers who had the creativity and drive to do some really cool things with it. P2P Flash was forever to be relegated to the enterprise IT department, used only for multicasting and the occasional chat app.

Well, don’t fret, dear reader! The story does not end there. Who knew that all of this time Adobe has been working feverishly with not one, but TWO partners behind the scenes, testing and tweaking hosted, pay-as-you-go versions of Flash Media Enterprise Server!


Amazon Web Services

Adobe has partnered with Amazon to offer Flash Media Server for Amazon Web Services. Now, for just $5 month + usage fees you too can create your own Chatroulette. Ok, don’t do that. But you can now be free to experiment and create amazing new apps using the full functionality of FMES.



And the good news doesn’t end there. Making P2P even more accessible for developers and smaller businesses, veteran FMS host Influxis is offering a hosted version of FMES with affordable monthly, quarterly or yearly pricing. NOTE: TODAY 12/17/10 is the last day to take advantage of their “Early Adopter” pricing: 20% off all plans, with Influxis swag thrown in. And of course you get legendary, unparalleled Influxis support along with any plan. (I know that sounds like marketing-speak, but it’s really true.)

So thanks to Adobe and their partners for giving me my ‘buzz’ back… now its time for all creative developers open an account, and get to work!

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