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FMS cross-platform streaming (yes, including iOS)

Flash Media Server 4Yesterday at NAB, Adobe revealed plans (and a working demo) for multi-screen live streaming through Flash Media Server. While no release date was announced, the demo was impressive. Kevin Towes, Senior Product Manager for FMS, demonstrates encoding a single stream in Flash Media Live Encoder, sending it to Flash Media Server, and delivering that stream to an iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM using the HTML5 video tag. See it here, in action.

To accomplish this cross-platform streaming, Adobe is planning to add support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to Flash Media Server and Flash Media Live Encoder. HLS is an MPEG2 container that can be played back on devices such as the iPad 2. This promises to simplify the workflow for delivery of live streams to every screen, letting Flash Media Server and embed code handle of much of the heavy lifting. The sample player Kevin talks about will deliver via Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming where possible, falling back to the HTML5 video tag and HLS on devices where Flash is not installed.

Although Wowza Media Server has had a workflow for multi-screen for awhile, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Adobe’s solution. It probably means I’ll need to be buying an iPad soon, along with an Android device or two for testing. Ah, the things I have to do for this job… 😉

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