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Quick way to play any video in Flash

[UPDATE: Adobe has discontinued the free Strobe player]

There are third-party applications that will play Flash video files, but those require installation — and that is often not allowed on shared or corporate computers.

One quick down-and-dirty option is to play the video in the browser instead. To do this, you can pass in a video name through SWF embed code to play any video using a generic video player SWF.

One good prebuilt player is Flash Media Playback. It is hosted by Adobe, so you don’t need to upload anything except the video file to your web server. You can configure it using this wizard:


You can copy and paste the embed code and place in any web page.

If you want to link directly to a video player that loads your video without embedding it into a webpage, you can pass in the video name and other attributes as variables along with the Flash Media Playback SWF URL, like this:


This will load the SWF and play whatever video you specify in the URL, and you can pass in any other supported variables along with it as well (see the Flash Media Playback docs for more info). In addition to standard progressive delivery, this will also work with any Flash supported delivery method such as live RTMP streaming or HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

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  1. Rebecca Roberts September 13, 2013

    Hello Lisa,

    I wanted to use Flash Media Playback for flash video fallback. The links to the embed code are no longer active. Has Adobe discontinued providing this free product? Here is the link that should have the embed code http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediaplayback/

    Many thanks,

    Rebecca Roberts

    • Lisa September 14, 2013

      Hi Rebecca,

      I didn’t realize they had removed the link to the FMP configurator from their product page. It does appear that they are in the process of discontinuing it, if not just discouraging new people from using it. There has been no official announcement from adobe about this.

      The configurator (where you generate embed code) is still available, at least today, at this link: http://osmf.org/configurator/fmp/#. However, given the fact they removed the link from the product page, you may want to use a different player such as the JWPlayer or other prebuilt flash video player.

  2. Ron Watkins June 23, 2015

    Hello Lisa,

    I was looking into using the Adobe Media Server as a means to protect my .swf files on a subscription based website. Would Adobe Media Server be a viable solution for protecting my .swf files? We’re looking for someone to give input on protecting our content.

    Thanks for your time!


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