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Need help calculating encoding settings?

If you have an iPhone or other iOS device, VidBitCalc is for you. Created by Jürgen Kaiser, this handy app will help professional compressionists (or those who want to be) efficiently calculate the right settings for desktops and devices.


VidBitCalc contains:

  • Bit Budget Calculator: Enter the available disc space, the video duration and the audio bitrate to calculate the maximal video bitrate
  • File Size Calculator: Enter the duration and bitrates of your video and VidBitCalc calculates the resulting file size
  • Resolution Calculator: Enter the aspect ratio of your video and the desired with or height to calculate the appropriate resolution
  • And the unique BPP Calculator: Bits per pixel helps you to find the optimal bitrate for your video.

At 99 cents, this app will like having an (affordable) professional compressionist in your pocket… or at least on your iPad.

Download from the iTunes store:

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