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Play video on all platforms with JW Player update

Play video on all platforms with JW Player update

For years, Flash Player has been the answer to the question, “how can I be sure everyone can play my video?” But today, with Apple refusing to support Flash Player on iDevices, it’s clear that a 100% Flash solution isn’t enough. The question everyone is asking now is: “how can I be sure everyone (including iPhone and iPad) can play my video?!” JW Player 5.7 is the answer.

This week LongTail has ended the debate between Flash and HTML5 with it’s new release of JW Player version 5.7. In this release, Flash and HTML5 are ingeniously used together eliminating the need to choose between the two platforms. Now you can have it all.

Get the player.

Device Detective at your Service

The guys at LongTail are really thinking ahead, saving developers and publishers a lot of headaches. This new release includes embed code that will detect the device and deliver the appropriate player, either HTML5 or Flash. You can select either Flash or HTML5 as the primary playback mode but it will automatically switch between the two depending on the device.

Itching to get out of your Skin?

This version allows your player control skins and JavaScript code to work in all browsers so your users get the same experience no matter which device they are using. You can create your own skin, or choose from one of their 100+ prebuilt skins (starting at $24 for a single site). The skinning solution works on both Flash and HTML5, so they truly have you covered.

Want Even More Features?

Take advantage of plug-ins that add features like analytics, advertising, social media sharing, special effects, and dynamic playlists. One especially cool playlist plug-in is the 3D playlist effects plugin, complete with fly-in effects and navigation that follows the viewer’s mouse cursor. Thumbnails are automatically grabbed and rendered inside the plugin, requiring no extra setup. See the sample.

Reasons to upgrade

So here’s a recap of what’s new in JW 5.7:

  • Visual Playlist Support in HTML5
    Let your users swipe through your video playlists on the iPad. JW Player 5.7 adds a visual component in HTML5 for displaying playlists and letting users interact with your content.
  • Additional Playlist Format Support in HTML5
    Use RSS or mRSS playists in HTML5 mode. Previously, the JW Player only supported JSON playlists in HTML5 mode. JW5.7 adds support for the most popular playist formats – RSS and mRSS.
  • Improved Plug-in Control Over UI Elements
    Plug-ins can now keep track of when UI elements appear. That means interactive plug-ins (e.g., sharing or advertising) can position themselves properly depending on whether or not the player’s built-in controls appear.

For those who need to reach iDevices (and that is most of us) and need a standard player with some quick add features, JW Player 5.7 is a great option. And with their value-added services such as integrated video asset hosting, it can be a total delivery solution, eliminating a lot of road blocks for web video gurus and novices alike.

Watch for an upcoming LearnFromLisa tutorial
to help you get started with JW Player!

Get the player (licenses start at $89 for a single website):

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  1. Annette Melvin July 31, 2011

    Is there a way to embed a 2 minute video in a Flash banner that needs to be 50s long so that the embedded video is not part of the actual 50 seconds?

    • Lisa August 1, 2011

      Hi Annette,
      Not sure if I understand your requirements exactly, but I’ll take a stab at it… First, I hope you have a good engaging video to expect viewers to pay attention to a banner for two minutes! 😉 That being said, If you can load external assets into your banner, you would definitely want to load the FLV or F4V in at runtime. This will allow you to load a 2 min video and not be confined to a low-quality video, and will allow you to break out of the 50 second timeline. Will the video be playing on rollover? If so, you can start loading it in advance, and it will be buffered and ready to play when needed. Many sites, don’t allow this however so you’ll want to double check your specs.
      Hope that helps.
      // Lisa

  2. Icecube media August 19, 2011


    Is there compatible for all browser because sometime mostly obstacles come with cross compatibility!

    • Lisa August 28, 2011

      Yes, this player is designed to be compatible across browsers. But you still have to encode your video into multiple formats for them to play in each.

  3. Eddie September 29, 2011

    Hi. It is Eddie. Is Adobe Flash able to display 2 different live sources from FMS? Or can a FMS encode 2 different live sources at the same time? I am trying to do a video routing program.

    • Lisa September 29, 2011

      Yes, you can have multiple live sources from a single event. Do you want to have more than one bitrate of the same stream, or multiple camera angles (different streams)? You can encode multiple bitrates from a single source in FMLE. If you want multiple camera angles, you’ll need separate encoders, but they can all stream to the same application instance on FMS. Hope that helps. If not, send along some additional details about what you need to accomplish and I’ll try to help. 🙂
      // Lisa

  4. zorianp November 24, 2011

    Hi Liza,
    In order to reach Apple’s iOS devices, Flash needs a special $89 JW Player (for HTML5 Video delivery) Yet, the HTML 5 Video Player should already be integrated into an updated browser. (But, not all Browsers are updated).
    Then, there is the Flash Media Server 4.5 approach: Create iOS compatible files on the fly, if needed?
    Steve Heffernan (HTML5 Video in Depth on Lynda.com) recommends the HTML 5 Video approach, with Flash backup. To me, the JW Player is Flash, with HTML5 Video backup? It is the proverbial—trying to plug all the holes conundrum. Lions and Tigers and Bears—oh my!
    I am curious: How has YouTube resolved the ‘all video on all devices and platforms issue’. We know that “Videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player”. Yet, YouTube videos play on my iPad, even though iPads don’t support Flash. So what is their formula, or strategy, for plugging all of the holes? I searched YouTube’s site and I found nothing explicit about their delivery method.
    What is YouTube’s approach to Web delivery? Can it be duplicated by the average Web Developer, or are they a special case?

    Thank you for taking my question,
    Phil Zorian

  5. Lisa November 27, 2011

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, you are asking the question that is on the mind of everyone who needs to deliver video to every device. The answer today does bring to mind “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” No longer can we just rely on Flash alone to reach (just about) everyone.

    JW Player isn’t required to reach everyone, its just one pre-packaged solution that does the browser/device detection for you. It can be set up to do as Steve Heffernan suggests (HTML5 with Flash backup) or the other way around (Flash with HTML5 backup). Your choice would depend on what features you want your video player to have. HTML5-first for simple video playback; or Flash-first if you need additional more advanced features such as adaptive streaming, cuepoints, etc., that aren’t fully supported yet in HTML5.

    YouTube detects your device and will provide you with an HTML5 video player when possible. Often, if they have not yet transcoded the video from FLV into a compatible format for HTML5, you’ll get an error saying this video is not available on your device.

    Hope that helps clear this up a bit. I know this is a big question for developers and content producers right now, so I’m working on some materials that will help guide you through the new web video landscape. Watch this site for updates coming soon. 🙂

    // Lisa

    • redhill March 29, 2012

      i have seen on youtube you have flv and mpeg4 format for every video.When you use downloadmanager there will be option of flv and mpeg file for download.I suppose mpeg is for iOS devices.


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