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Adobe announces Flash Media Server 4.5 — Now streaming to iOS

Today at IBC Amsterdam, Adobe officially announced the release of Flash Media Server 4.5, an update to their streaming server software that now supports streaming to iOS devices and protected HTTP streaming, among other enhanced features. Here’s a quick rundown:

HTTP Streaming for Apple iOS—Deliver high quality live and on demand video to devices and HTML5 supporting HLS video format with the same media and live streams used for Flash. Full adaptive bitrate can reach audiences without disruptions caused by wireless networks.

Protected HTTP Streaming for Adobe Flash—Add massive scale with HTTP protection built on Adobe Flash Access. This lightweight solution requires no content prepackaging or additional DRM license servers to add scalable, robust protection to your media assets or live streams.

Protected HTTP Streaming for Apple iOS— Expand your audience to include Apple iOS devices using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Using the same media and live streams you use for standard Flash delivery, you can deliver and protect full adaptive bitrate experiences to Flash, Apple devices and HTML5 browsers.

On-Demand packaging for HTTP—Publish faster, reduce storage costs and save time by publishing video once and let Flash Media Server 4.5 optimize your media for HTTP delivery for both Apple iOS and Adobe Flash with full adaptive bitrate support. On-Demand packaging makes publishing easier by requiring one set of video assets to deliver to multiple devices with or without Flash installed.

Adobe Flash Access DRM ready—Full DRM support with Adobe Flash Access 3 lets you apply sophisticated business rules and policies to support premium video experiences for live, linear and on demand video.

Robust media origin services—Control your media publishing workflows, add redundancy, control access and protection, manage QoS, access advanced video player features and set up cloud services by operating your own media origin for both Flash and Apple HTTP streaming.

Scalable P2P introduction services for Adobe Flash—Increase the capacity and fault-tolerance of your social or enterprise video and voice apps with new server chaining technology that lets operators distribute peer introductions across multiple servers.

Connect people with unified communication applications­—Integrate Flash or AIR softphone applications with SIP-enabled devices to create unified communication applications such as conference rooms, mobile calling, or other communication services that leverage new SIP Gateway support with G711 coding in Flash Player.

Live Streaming with Time shifting with DVR, now also supported on iOS — Archive live, high-definition streams on the server and give the viewer control over your live stream with pause and seek backwards, instant replay, or play from start with robust server DVR support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming and HLS for Apple iOS.

Advanced Disk Management for HTTP—Disk management for live HTTP streaming ensures your video stream will remain playing while managing your storage disks enabling you to safely deliver rich, live experiences with rolling DVR windows, time shifting and instant replay. 

Adaptive Bitrate Manifest support—Manifest files inform the media player of the bitrates available to enable adaptive bitrate streaming. F4M and M3u8 Set Manifests describe the bitrates and file sources for the player. This feature requires OSMF 1.6 for Flash or Apple iOS.

As of this writing, Adobe hasn’t updated their FMS product page to enable download of the new version, but I expect that to happen later today. Also watch this site for my upcoming “Getting Started” tutorials to get you going with the new version, including live and on demand HLS streaming!  UPDATE 9/14/2011: The FMS Product page is updated for purchasing the new version, but the download link for the free Development Edition, as of today, is not. I’ll let you know the moment it’s available — to receive this notification, sign up for my mailing list. UPDATE 9/17/2011: The download link on Adobe.com for the free Development Edition is now fully operational. Download away!

Buy Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 4.5 from Adobe.com, available now!

For those looking to get up and running quickly with Flash Media Server 4.5, check out my course on Lynda.com. In just about two hours novices will have an understanding of streaming technology and how FMS works, and veteran programmers will get an understanding of the new features. I’ve even included a chapter on building a video broadcast application to help get you started building apps for FMS, including server-side code.

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  1. John Farrar September 20, 2011

    Does this course teach you (or is there a way) to lock down the video to a particular web site to prevent non-authorized consumption?

    • Lisa September 20, 2011

      This course focuses on getting you up and running, so I don’t dive into content protection in depth. The new version does have a lightweight version of FlashAccess enabled, though, so there are a few new options. You can also set whitelists and blacklists of IPs, SWF Verification, and other means to be sure that only authorized sites can show your video and/or only authorized viewers can see them.

  2. lamat September 20, 2011

    still insane $$$

  3. Nikola September 29, 2011

    Hi, i watched your course for fms 4.5 on lynda.com, browsed through fms product pages and some forums, and i really need some clarifying…
    So, if you are willing to help:
    1. Can we stream live and vod from fms 4.5 to a non-flash (no flash, no air) based clients via hds or hls? (except iOs for which we have a explicit answer, for example via html5 video tag on hypothetical fully html5 compliant browser on windows? Which browser if any supports audio, video, aac, h.264 – Chrome is it?)
    2. Does multicast ingestion work fully on fms 4.5 like fmle rtmp ingestion – can we ingest from a traditional ip multicast network as a source and do everything we can do with a live stream from FMLE – ingest, record on server, SSAS, unicast stream to the outside of the ip muticast network ?

    Thank you in advance for answers and thank you for a very nice and informative preview of fms 4.5.

    • Lisa September 30, 2011

      Hi Nikola,
      Glad my course was useful!
      1. You can stream live and VOD to iOS via HLS. Sometime soon Android will support HLS as well, but its not reliable yet. Safari and Quicktime on the Mac will also play HLS streams.
      2. Yes, you can use SSAS to Ingest, convert, and record multicast streams.

      Hopefully there will be some more information published about the new features, especially multicast and P2P, after Adobe MAX next week. Generally Adobe will record the sessions and post them after the conference.

      • Nikola October 3, 2011

        Thank you very much!


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