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How to use Flash Media Server Authorization and Access Plug-ins

Flash Media Server 4You’d like to use those C++ plug-ins for FMS, they seem to be so useful — but how the heck do they work? This has long been a blind spot in the documentation for Flash Media Server. Finally, a good overview has been written, by Denis Bulichenko on the Adobe Developer Connection: Using plug-ins to configure and optimize Flash Media Server 4.5.

You can use these custom modules, or plug-ins, to extend the functionality of Flash Media Server beyond server-side ActionScript. Plug-ins can help you:

  • Monitor more closely what is happening inside the server
  • Detect and handle events
  • Monitor the load on various server components
  • Monitor inbound connections
  • Gain access to content located on any distributed file system

Check out Denis’ article, hopefully it will save you a few days of research and headscratching.

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  1. karuke April 12, 2012

    I would Like to download Adobe flash media in my labtop. could you please help me for that?


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