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4/10 Workshop: Encoding, Serving, and Player Development for Multiple Screen Delivery

On April 10th I’ll be teaching at a two-part workshop on encoding, serving and player development for multiple screen delivery. If you are a web developer, content producer, or video professional, come join us and add multi-screen delivery to your skillset! The full-day workshop is presented in two sessions and I’ll be teaching the afternoon workshop, which focuses on video serving and player development. This workshop will provide an overview of the online video landscape today, map out where its going in the future, and provide clear approaches to achieving the best quality playback on the widest array of screens. I’ll give a detailed overview of the current video capabilities of HTML5 and the Flash Platform. We’ll discuss the various devices on the market today and outline their overall classifications and critical specifications. I’ll also outline systematic approaches to reaching targeted classes of devices, with the aim to provide high quality content to the widest audience.

Next we’ll cover the player itself, and discuss what needs to happen “under the hood” to achieve optimum playback. We’ll cover adaptive streaming in Flash and on iOS, as well as multiple bitrate options for HTML5. The video assets created in the Encoding for Multiple Screen Delivery morning workshop will be used to test the player, presenting the right format and bitrate depending on the device, browser, and connection speed on various clients. Finally, we’ll address the serving of video assets via a content delivery network (CDN), self-hosted solutions, and hosted server options.

I’m excited about this course! It’ll be a great event and we’ll be putting all the tips and tricks into a single information-packed day… So please come take part and benefit from all that we have to offer. More information and tickets available here.

Tuesday, April 10th
9 am – 4:30pm
New York Plaza

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