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Multi-Bitrate and Multi-Screen Streaming With Flash Media Server 4.5

Last week’s Streaming Media East conference is a wrap. I had the opportunity to present two talks this year, one on multi-bitrate streaming to Flash and iOS using Flash Media Server 4.5, and the other on approaches to building mobile video players.

In this FMS talk, I gave an overview of what the latest version of the server can do, and provided examples of multi-bitrate playlists for both Flash playback as well as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to devices.

As promised, here is a link to my presentation: http://bit.ly/multibitrate-FMS
And you can grab the playlist syntax either from the presentation, or download the files directly:

HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Flash and AIR):

HTTP Live Streaming (iOS):

RTMP Streaming (Flash and AIR):

Hope you find these links, and the presentation, helpful in getting started with adaptive streaming to multiple screens using FMS.

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  1. Rich Duggan May 22, 2012

    Hi Lisa,

    As always, thank you for the great information.

    However, when I try to follow the above links this is what I am getting


    • Lisa May 22, 2012

      Hi Rich,
      Yes, sorry for the lack of explanation. That’s a sample of an HLS multi-bitrate playlist, which would be playable on iOS (and in Safari on the Mac), if it pointed to videos on a webserver. (These are sample videos set up to play locally on a computer running FMS). You can use it as a template to set up your own streams. I explain this in more detail in my Lynda course, and went over the details in my SME session. The recording should be posted soon if you missed it.

      HTH, Lisa


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