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Meetings.io now offers free screensharing

I blogged in May about meetings.io and their accountless video chatting service. As promised, they’ve delivered free screensharing and several adjustments on top of video chat.

The low down on screensharing: you first need to install something called the “Adobe ConnectNow” add-in. (This is a Flash Player add-in from Adobe that is also used to share your screen on Acrobat.com.) Like in Adobe Connect and other conferencing apps, You can choose to share your desktop, windows, or applications.

They are using RTMFP (P2P networking) in Flash Player– which is encouraging to see actually used in a real-world app (most have found it cost prohibitive; good to see that someone’s made it workable!)

The screensharing performed well, but I did notice one issue. The screen is not scaled proportionally in the viewing client, so if you have a wide browser window the image is stretched, degrading the image quality. But having the ability to access screensharing in flash, in the browser, for free, well, that’s been a long time coming.

The second new feature — being able to share files in the group — is great. Other major pluses include being able to embed the video conference, and a ton of customizable settings re. volume, mic gain, permission entry to the meeting, etc. If you join as a member (free, and available signup through FB) you can retain a consistent vanity URL and be able to recover past files + chats. Their conference call feature is still in works, as is the ability to invite people via email contact list and SMS.

Overall, the new addition of screensharing & filesharing on top of their notepad and live chat features is very appealing, most of all because you can access the service without needing to sign up which definitely gives it an edge. Plus, the interface looks and feels nice!

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  1. Randy Lubin July 11, 2012

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the continued coverage! Glad you’re enjoying the product.

    A quick tip for using screen share: if you click on the shared screen, you can zoom in and it won’t be stretched. If you click on the ‘expand’ icon (visible on hover) it goes to full screen. While zoomed in, you can drag their screen around with the mouse.



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