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Apple performs rocket surgery to avoid using open source codecs

dbloomIn this extraordinarily-geeky-yet-interesting article@dbloom dissects the new iPhone 5 Design page on Apple.com. Basically, Apple has written some amazing, complex code to auto-play a video of the iPhone screen being unlocked. But they didn’t use a <video> element — they used JSON, JavaScript, and some interesting JPEG images. As explained in the article, there is a full “keyframe” image at the start and the end of the video/animation, and in between are JPEG images that only send the data that has changed from the previous frame. A very sophisticated solution to what shouldn’t really be a problem!

This is what the <video> element is for, but it won’t work here, since, as the writer points out, <video> elements can only be played fullscreen on iPhone. Not the effect they were going for… And to work on all major browsers on desktop computers they’d need to use another codec such as WebM or Theora — and we all know they aren’t going there.

I’ll give them points for their creativity on this one, but they lose a few for their stubbornness. 😉

<via HTML5 Weekly)

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