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WordPress update features built-in HTML5 Video Player

WordPress now with HTML5 video built in

WordPress.org just released version 3.6, nicknamed “Oscar” in honor of Oscar Peterson, a Canadian jazz pianist and composer. The all-new version boasts more than a new nickname, featuring a more blog-centered theme, an improved revision browser, better autosave capabilities, and a multitude of other enhancements. Among the list of upgrades that have brought us Oscar is… (drumroll, please)… an HTML5 media player!

Including an HTML5 media player is huge! It gives you native support for audio and video embeds and access to metadata through a new video and audio API. You also have the ability to use HTML5 markup for comments, search forms, or comment lists, and with better filters for how revisions work, you can even store different amounts of history for different post types.

This is a big step for both WordPress.org and HTML5, which is gaining momentum as replacement for Flash for basic animations and video playback. As technology keeps pushing forward, we can be sure of one thing – HTML5 is here to stay.

For more information, visit the announcement on TNW.

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  1. Priyanjali September 5, 2013

    Hey It’s great, with an updated version of HTML5 video player and replacing flash player would make pages to load faster. Here you can learn how to’s…In a series of 10 free videos. (http://bit.ly/1amI8HC)

  2. Robert December 17, 2013

    Hi Lisa Your WordPress update features built in Html5 video player information very useful for all players….Thanks for sharing helpful information….

  3. Laura December 18, 2013

    Hi Lisa,

    I have been watching your videos on Prezi all day. I am really enjoying them and getting a lot of great information from them.

    One question I have… if you do a Prezume and want to share it, my guess is that you would download and then share the Prezi application file. But it being an .exe file, most email won’t let the person get it. And even more important if you are sending it to a company (which you would a resume) then the company’s firewall will block it.
    So what is the best way to get a Prezi to someone that will need to view it on their own?

    Thanks in advance for help. I am going back to Lynda.com to watch more of your videos! 🙂



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