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DRAWING: Free access to Taking the Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video (and tons of other awesome courses)

Taking the Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video

Taking the Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video


Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about my HTML5 video course on Pluralsight.com! The winners have been contacted via twitter. If you’re one of these lucky people, and you didn’t get my message, send me a DM @lisamarienyc and I’ll hook you up.

      • S​iva Kumar @ckumareddy 
      • J Chris Gibson @hardheadharry​​
      • Burak ​@ASVGuy​
      • Nick Watton @nickwatton​​
      • ​Sebastian Alamo @samttww​
      • Web Design ​@belgiumweb​
      • Jim Bachalo @eco_bach​​


To celebrate the release of my latest online course, Taking the Leap from Flash Video to HTML5 Video, I want to give you the chance to win a FREE 1-week subscription to the Pluralsight.com training library. Pluralsight’s tagline is “hardcore developer training” and they mean it — they’re  a global leader in high-quality online training for software developers and IT pros with hundreds (and soon, thousands) of courses.

Check out the course here 

Exploring the video features in HTML5 and Flash, my course will teach you to build a full featured video player in both Adobe Flash and in HTML5. Through side-by-side examples, I explain the differences between the two popular video delivery methods, teaching you how to achieve the same basic functionality in both technologies.

I have 10 free 1-week passes available to give away. All you need to do is tweet one of the following:

Explore the differences between Flash and HTML5 for Video with @lisamarienyc. New @Pluralsight course! http://bit.ly/html5videocourse

Achieve the same video-related tasks in Flash and HTML5 with @lisamarienyc and her new online course http://bit.ly/html5videocourse

Learn how to build a full-featured video player in Flash and HTML5 with @lisamarienyc on @pluralsight http://bit.ly/html5videocourse

Take the leap from Flash video to HTML5 video with @lisamarienyc and @pluralsight in her new online course http://bit.ly/html5videocourse

Pluralsight membershipI will select the winners randomly and send them an access code for their free week, so they can get started with my course right away! It’s just under 2 hours so you shouldn’t have any trouble watching it in a week’s time. And ‘hardcore developers’ may just want to stick around and subscribe to learn a bunch of other interesting stuff from Pluralsight authors!

You can tweet once per day, through Thursday night at midnight ET and I’ll count each tweet as an entry. I’ll send the winners their free passes on Friday Sept. 20th, 2013.

Thanks for helping me spread the word; I look forward to helping more people take the leap!

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