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Adobe Open Sources RTMFP spec (real-time P2P in Flash)

Adobe’s Michael Thornburgh announced last week that they have submitted a companion specification to the original RTMFP spec, “Adobe’s RTMFP Profile for Flash Communication” to the IETF Internet-Drafts repository:

Abstract: This memo describes how to use Adobe’s Secure Real-Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP) to transport the video, audio, and data messages of Adobe Flash platform communications. Aspects of this application profile include cryptographic methods and data formats, flow metadata formats, and protocol details for client-server and peer-to-peer communication.

RTMFP (Real-time Media Flow Protocol) is Adobe’s peer-to-peer communication protocol for Flash Player. Implemented in Adobe Media Server, it allows you to create P2P communication apps in Flash, as well as deploy multicast streaming. Multicast is the most important part of this spec, especially for enterprises. With multicast, you can efficiently stream live and pre-recorded video company-wide without taking down the entire corporate network, for example.

Now that the protocol has been open sourced, someone could extend the technology beyond Flash/AIR apps, which is an exciting possibility.

How this all fits into the rapid advancement happening in the world of WebRTC/ORTC remains to be seen. What are your thoughts? Is it too little, too late, or could this somehow be useful in the WebRTC spec in the future?

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