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O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2014 – WebRTC for Everyone!

O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2014 – WebRTC for Everyone!

I’m back from Fluent and recovered from post-conference ‘ick’ that I always seem to bring back with me (when will I learn not to take the red-eye?)

Speaking at Fluent was an awesome experience — being a featured speaker alongside the likes of Scott Hanselman (Microsoft), Paul Irish (Google), Chris Wilson (Google), Rachel Myers (GitHub) and  others was truly an honor.

I presented a pre-conference workshop, WebRTC: Realtime Communication for Everyone. When they said that the room capacity was about 500, I was a little nervous. How many people will be interested in the this new cutting-edge technology? Will I have to encourage people to come to the front of an almost empty room? Boy, was I wrong! To my pleasant surprise, the room was almost full (owing partially, I’m sure, to Jesse Freeman’s stomach flu, which forced him to cancel his day-long workshop)… but still. 🙂 It was clear that people are definitely interested in WebRTC!

Here were some of the comments from attendees. Many people were excited about the possibilities:

I attended this session out of curiosity. It was very informative and definitely something I’ll want to spend more time on in a year or so when we’re ready to implement something like this. I feel like I have a good base to start learning more in-depth.

Still very early but great information to see upcoming capabilities

Good job introducing the world of p2p audio/video to the audience.

It’s good to know there are options out there that don’t rely on companies that may not be around in the future to provide service (Skype > Microsoft, Google Hangout, Paltalk) etc. You are also an amazing speaker. Hope to see you at many more events; especially in Texas. It was a pleasure meeting you in person too! We were very excited 😀

Lisa did a great job of introducing WebRTC at just the right level. I had no idea it was such a complicated area.

But others weren’t impressed:

As an immature technology that is only implemented in 2 browsers, it does have some interesting possibilities. But I didn’t find the session to be as interesting as it could have been…

Rather dry topic and lame examples. WebRTC is definitely not ready for prime time. Maybe in a few years.

Overall, the session was well received. Although I would’ve liked to have had a couple of devices on hand to demo with, I think that would’ve perked up some of the negative Nellies. 🙂 Will definitely work that into my next WebRTC presentation.

I also did an interview while I was there, alongside Xirsys’ Jerry Chabolla, about what WebRTC is, and where we see it headed:

If you’re interested in learning more about WebRTC, check out my full-length course on Pluralsight, or visit the WebRTC page on LearnFromLisa.com.

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