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Who is WebRTC for, Is SIP Universal or Restricted, WebRTC session video + MORE 07/28/2014

The latest updates from the world of Real-time Communication.
Goruco (Gotham Ruby Conference – NYC – June 2014) has posted the videos from this year’s conference!

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A Few Lines of Code?

– tmcnet.com

Is WebRTC easy to implement in a few lines of code, or not? The question may not have a simple answer but it helps us get to a deeper question that I recommend we take more time to consider. That is: for whom do you mean to make it easy? Or, how much do we really know about the current and future audience?

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Following the WebRTC SDK presentations at DevCon5, was the Q&A. Because explaining SIP to the Web world was akin to telling all the JavaScript folks that they had to stay and learn “Real” Java, a simpler question was posed, “What should people use as an address with WebRTC?”

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