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Skype gets less annoying and more free

Skype - device overload. via flickr @higginskurt

Device overload. [via flickr @higginskurt]

Earlier this month, Skype released version 3.1 for Windows 8.1. This latest version lets you edit and remove messages, as well as make group calls with ten people (including yourself) for free.

Update for a Less Annoying Experience

If you’re using Skype on your computer, you don’t need your phone buzzing alerting you that you received a message – you already know that. To reduce the noise and synchronize read messages across devices, they’ve added a new feature called Active endpoint. With this update, you will only receive notifications to the device you’re currently using, regardless of how many devices you’re signed into.

What’s nice about Active endpoint is that if you’re not looking at any particular device, but you are signed in to Skype on several devices, all of those devices will receive a notification. In other words, if you’re not using Skype at the moment,  whenever you turn to a device to use Skype later, the notification will be there waiting. After you pick up a device to use Skype, Skype will stop send notifications to the other devices you’re signed in to – reducing those annoying alert sounds that surround you during the day.

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