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New frontiers — Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2014

Last month, I had the opportunity to bring word of WebRTC to Germany, via the awesome Beyond Tellerrand conference — the first time it was being held in Berlin. If you haven’t experienced a #btconf, it’s well worth the trip! It’s tagline is “design, technology, and inspiration” and it lives up to it.  The conferences’ organizer and visionary, Marc Thiele, pulls this whole thing off by himself (with the support of a great team), and he treats his speakers — and attendees — like gold. I’m in awe of Marc’s dedication and creativity in putting it all together.

Since this was my first time in Berlin, I arrived a couple of days early to get settled and see a bit of the city.

Beyond Tellerrand Berlin Webrtc Lisa Larson-Kelley

On my way!

Beyond Tellerrand Berlin Webrtc Lisa Larson-Kelley

Walking along the Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

Then the conference kicked off. As we were all arriving, we were greeted by a DJ, Toby Lessnow — who’s beats were almost better than coffee to get everyone ready for the day! I don’t know where he got the energy — or those moves — that early in the morning, but it was fantastic. He even put together a custom mix of his ear-worm BTconf anthem (complete with samples from the speaker’s talks!) Listen, favorite, share! :

A packed house for #btconf

A packed house for #btconf

Lisa Larson-Kelley WebRTC for Everyone

Me, getting sampled – photo by Andreas Dantz

The speaker lineup was great, covering a variety of web design and development topics —  featuring Stacey Mulcahy (@bitchwhocodes), Seb Lee-Delisle (@sebly), Tim Kadlec, Jonathan Hoefler (@HoeflerCo), John Allsopp (@johnallsopp), Zoe Mickley Gillenwater (@zomigi) and Stefan Sagmeister (@SagmeisterWalsh), just to name a few. Most of the talks have (very generously) been posted in their entirety on Vimeo.

The next one will be back at home base in Dusseldorf on May 11th 12th, 2015. Workshops will be held on the 13th, with several side events (such as the IndieWebCamp on 9th and 10th) taking place around those days. There are only a few tickets left at the time of this writing, so go grab yours now. They’ll also be back in Berlin November 2-4, 2015.

I got to hang out with some good old friends, and meet some new ones. And best of all, I got to spread the word about the wide-open possibilities that exist with real-time communication apps — and hopefully inspire some people to start working with WebRTC and related technologies to improve the way we all communicate!

Here’s the video of my entire presentation, “WebRTC: Real-time Communication – for Everyone!” (with beautiful titles by Sebastian Lange):

Lisa Larson-Kelley – Real-time Communication – for Everyone! – beyond tellerrand Berlin 2014 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

And you can download the presentation slides, too.

15953429145_3263682e00_zA big thank you back, Marc, for introducing me to your friendly and inspiring community.







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