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Can we get 10 Percent of the Internet for WebRTC and Real-time? 02/20/2015

The latest updates from the world of Real-time Communication.
Net Neutrality was in the news last week as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a new strategy to drive Net Neutrality. Writing in a Wired opinion piece published last week, he set out a plan to require unconstrained and open Internet access eliminating last-mile tariffs and unbundling, and eliminate any throttling or charging for class of service…

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  1. david brown May 3, 2015

    May 3,2015
    I want to thank you for the excellent course that I paid for at Pluralsight on the topic of webTRC.
    Following your tutorials I was able to code my new website http://www.tewme.com.
    It was a success.
    Now,I need your assistance in setting up a RTC app on mobile android devices.
    I used the Acer laptop computer and communicated to the Samsung Galaxy Sport S5 using the google chrome browser and having http://www.tewme.com conduct the operation.
    The results during the test was that the Samsung camera was in operation and the frame image was clear with no time delays but the other frame from the laptop was all black.Now, the laptop the camera was in operation and did move to the left to make room for the Samsung frame but nothing appeared.I believe to correct this is to not over load the processing on the mobile device.
    I am willing to pay for your consultation to get this project in full operation.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,
    David Brown

    • Lisa Larson-Kelley May 11, 2015

      Hi David,
      So glad you found the course helpful, and you’ve put it into practice in a product!
      I don’t have availability for consulting for a few months, and I’m sure you’d like to get up and running soon. Did you use one of the frameworks to create the app? If so, I suggest going to the forum for that framework and hopefully get some help there right away. I also suggest running chrome://webrtc-internals to see what’s happening behind the scenes (connection issues or other errors).

      Hope that helps!
      // Lisa


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