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WebRTC’s Challenge: Large Scale Broadcasting + MORE 03/18/2016

The latest updates from the world of Real-time Communication.
For all the hype and momentum surrounding WebRTC, there is something it doesn’t do very well out of the box without additional help. In the case of large scale live broadcast, it needs a lot of help. Issues such as distribution, latency, and mirroring all kick in once companies move from a simple peer-to-peer video session to multi-person and large scale broadcast…

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Python has become popular for web development because of its clean syntax and large numbers of libraries available. Swift is a language developed by Apple that attempts to offer a safer alternative to the Objective-C language initially popular for Mac OS X and iOS development.

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For those in the WebRTC space, the name of the game is progress. Indeed, hardly a week goes by in which a company or developer isn’t announcing a new update to one WebRTC-based solution or another. This time it’s Twilio, the WebRTC-based cloud communications platform that improved its call quality and introduced a new video system last year, that has announced some improvements.

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