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Struggles with Facebook Ad’s 20% Rule? Fixed in Canva!

At the Social Media Marketing World conference this week, I had the opportunity to help many people one-on-one. This was such a great experience, seeing first-hand what people are struggling with in creating visuals. People also freely shared their wish-lists for new Canva features (which I’ll be sharing with the people at Canva!)

One request that really stood out was from Denise with Lighting Etc. She’s been frustrated with the awkward workflow of creating Facebook ads in Canva, then having to export them, then import them into Facebook’s Grid Tool. If it flunks the 20% text test, then you’ve got to go back into Canva, adjust, export, test again, etc. What a pain!

She reached out to Canva and suggested having the grid overlay as a free element in Canva that could be used to check your image – right in the editor. Well, that gave me an idea. 🙂

Rather than wait for Canva to do it, I’ve created a grid overlay image you can import into Canva and use for all of your Facebook ad designs. And to be sure it’s clear how to use it, I made a quick little video for you.


1) Create a Grid Element in Canva, 2) Import this PNG, 3) Drop into the Grid to see if your ad meets the max 20% rule for text

Just remember to delete the grid from your ad design before you export, and you’re good to go! Feel free to share this post with anyone you know having this problem (and maybe Canva will add a more integrated solution in the future).

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Happy designing!


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