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Taking my new Apple Pencil for a spin – collaging in Canva!

Canva collage using Apple Pencil

Collage created in Canva, in under 2 minutes flat!

This weekend I had a blast playing around with the Apple Pencil and Canva on my iPad Pro – special shoutout to Guy Kawasaki and Canva for sending! The tool really made designing quick and easy – check out this collage I made in just 2 minutes.

The Apple Pencil really is a game-changer for designing.  It’s much more precise, and SO. Much. Fun! I know that a lot of people may not have the iPad Pro or an Apple Pencil, but if you do, definitely give it a try with the Canva app. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to design on their iPad.

So, how does it work? Just open up the Canva app and start designing – go wherever inspiration leads you! The pencil is much more precise than using your finger, and makes the designing experience more enjoyable and responsive. It really gives you a connected feeling to the design – I felt “one” with the tool!

Bonus Apple Pencil Feature in Canva

And a little hidden feature – with the pencil, you can free-draw a box and Canva will automatically create a grid box there for you. Then, you can just drag and drop a photo into it, and adjust accordingly. Also, by drawing a diagonal line on the canvas with your pencil, a grid box will appear according to the size of your line. So simple and intuitive!

For anyone out there with a passion for design and an iPad Pro, I highly recommend splurging for the Apple Pencil. It is accurate, easy-to-use, and fun! Here’s how it’s done, at a glance:

Collaging made easy with Apple Pencil and Canva

My diagonal line is a little crooked, but Canva still recognized it. I would have shown you a drawn square, but I had to hold the pencil in my mouth to be able to snap the screenshot on my iPad. 🙂 Should’ve gotten a picture of that!

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