About Lisa

Hi. I’m Lisa Larson-Kelley. I built this site to share my knowledge of web video publishing and other communication technologies such as Prezi, Skype and WebRTC. I know getting your videos on the web is no easy task — but my goal with this site and its tutorials and articles is to make it possible for everyone!

First, a little about me. I began my career in print design, but was soon lured to digital media by a little application called Flash 4. In addition to hands-on development projects, I thoroughly enjoy writing and teaching, with a knack for breaking down complex concepts and making them accessible. I’ve written whitepapers, tutorials and e-seminars for Adobe, editorials and features for StreamingMedia.com; and co-authored the book Flash Video for Professionals, published by Wiley in 2007. I’m an official Adobe Community Professional, specializing in media technologies. I’m a published author with lynda.com and Pluralsight.com.

I also present at numerous industry conferences and user groups around the world, and I’m a member and former co-manager of the NYCoders (Formerly FlashCodersNY) study group. I’ve worked with many video-centric start-ups to help them get a grasp on web video technology — as well as companies like Google, Adobe, Microsoft and L’Oreal. I am currently writing, teaching, and chasing a toddler around the house (not all at once, of course).

Thanks for stopping by — I hope you found the information you were looking for. If you have specific questions about getting video on the web, I’d be happy to help out if I can. And if I can turn it into a tutorial to help someone else, all the better!

// Lisa


  1. Jill February 7, 2013

    Hi Lisa,

    Before I dive into your Lynda tutorial on Flash I wanted to double check if my intent is realistic:

    I am trying to create a self contained demo that lets you hyperlink various video clips. So basically while you play one clip some list (pop up menu?) pops up over the video that says you can select another clip. Once selected the video starts playing and so on.

    Also can I pick when within a clip the video will play?

    Is that feasible and will I know how to do it after I get the tutorial?

    Thanks so much!

    • Lisa February 7, 2013

      Hi Jill,

      My lynda.com course would definitely give you some background/context and introduce you to video in Flash if you don’t have any experience with it yet. But I don’t deal with playlists in the course, so you may want to consider a prebuilt solution for your final player. JWPlayer has a couple of playlist plug-ins that would do the trick for you (http://www.longtailvideo.com/addons/plugins/75/D-Playlists?q=%20alt=).

      If you want to pick a time within the video to start playing, you’ll need to stream the video via RTMP to avoid buffering (there are ways to do it with progressive and http streaming, but they require some server-side code). If all of that is mumbo jumbo, my course will help. :)

      Another option with JWPlayer is to host your videos on youtube and load those into the player for playback. You can then tag on the start time and it will begin there. (reference http://www.joomlarulez.com/forum/33-jw-player-plugin-advanced/3341-youtube-start-time.html)

      // Lisa

  2. Joe February 23, 2013

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for the lynda.com Prezi course! I’m looking forward to watching all the videos. Initially I have a couple questions about Prezi:
    – Can Prezi presentations be viewed on an iPad or iPhone using a web browser or do you need to have the Prezi app installed? If it’s a Flash issue, will Prezi eventually be converted to HTML5?
    – Can I create a Prezi presentation using the free version of Prezi and then post it on my website? If I need a paid account to post it, will it disappear after my subscription ends?
    Thank you!

    • Lisa February 23, 2013

      Thanks Joe!
      So glad to hear you found it helpful!

      Prezis can only be viewed on iPad or iPhone using the Prezi app. I’m not sure of the timeline, but I know the Prezi team has expressed that an HTML5 version of the Prezi editor is on their roadmap. No telling how long that will take, however…

      Yes, you can create a Prezi using the free version and copy the embed code and paste that into your site. Just as with a YouTube video, the prezi itself is hosted on prezi.com, but the player can be right on your site. You don’t need a paid account, but your prezi will have a prezi watermark on it in the free version.

      Hope that helps!!

      BTW, They have changed the menu interface slightly, and I’ll be adding a note about this to the course in the next week or so. So don’t be freaked out if my screen looks a little different from mine. :)

  3. Esther Dillard April 12, 2013

    Hi Lisa!
    I’m taking your course on Prezi on Lynda.com. It’s great by the way! I just had one question. I plan to create a presentation for someone. They’d like it in a video format. What would you recommend as an easy way to convert the Prezi into a .m4v or .mov? I have Camtasia. My searches online suggest that may be the only clean way of doing it to get the best resolution. Is this the best move? I need to create this pretty quickly.

    • Lisa April 13, 2013

      Hi Esther!
      So glad you liked the course! Yes, I’d use Camtasia to record the presentation. You can then export into M4V or MOV at the quality/file size you need. The course was recorded using SnapZ on a Mac so screen recording can give you good results. :)

      // Lisa

  4. Nicole August 1, 2013

    I just attended your training on Lynda.com for PREZI. Can you recommend any designers, maybe even local to Southern California? Thank you.

    • Lisa August 1, 2013

      Hi Nicole,
      Are you looking for a Prezi designer, or a general graphic designer?

      • Nicole August 2, 2013

        We use PPT for our sales presenations and are interested in using PREZI as well. We would like to find a designer who can create a canvas (aka template) using our colors, logos, images, etc.

        Thank you for the quick response. We have been having hard time finding someone.

        • Lisa August 4, 2013

          You may want to try elance.com; look for designers that list Prezi as a skill. I’ve had very good luck finding good affordable designers there.