Learn HTML5 Video

html-5-v2Taking the Leap from Flash to HTML5

As HTML5 continues to grow in popularity and challenge Flash’s position, many people are struggling to learn this new technology. Understanding HTML5 doesn’t have to be difficult – with my new course published on Pluralsight.com, I help to make the transition from Flash to HTML5 easy. With side-by-side examples that lay out the differences between the two video delivery methods, I remove as many obstacles as possible and break down it all down in a way that’s simple to understand.

Watch the HTML5  Video training course now!

Why Make the Switch?

Flash has been the default for video playback for such a long time that it’s what we’re all used to. Clients are seeking native video playback in the browser, and unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Flash will ever play on iPhones and iPads. You may not see this as a big deal, but according to a 2013 Pew Research study, 1 in 4 cellphone owners own an iPhone. As the technology continues to improve,  that stat will only continue to grow, meaning  that developers have a choice: they can make the switch to HTML5 or get left behind.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to help developers and IT professionals, or individuals who have an existing knowledge of Flash and web video players.

What you’ll learn:

In my course, I’ll teach you how to achieve the same functionality in both Flash and HTML5, showing you best practices and explaining the differences between the two applications. You’ll learn how to deploy video players in both Flash and HTML5, and you’ll know for sure that your video is encoded in the right formats for delivery across all screens. By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable using HTML5, and you’ll even have an understanding of its advanced features!

Watch the HTML5  Video training course now!