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Learn Canva from Lisa Larson-Kelley

What is Canva?

Canva is empowering the world to design – and I’m empowering the world to design with Canva. Grab a copy of my book to learn how to create beautiful graphics – even if you’re not a designer.

Canva design editor

The simple drag-and-drop Canva interface

Canva is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool to create beautiful designs for web and print. You’ve seen the gorgeous photos overlaid with expressive typography on social media; you’ve seen crisp, sharp design in blog headers and graphics. With this free tool, you too can create high-quality graphics – quickly, easily, and affordably.

Let’s face it – not everyone is born with design skills. And not everyone can afford to hire a great web-savvy graphic designer. The learning curve is steep for professional design programs like InDesign and Illustrator, and often it’s like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly. With this tool, you can achieve the same level of design quality while spending a fraction of the time and money. Canva is truly democratizing design!

Canva For Work

Need to work as a team?

Canva has you covered. Register now for Canva for Work — a new way for your whole team to create consistent, beautiful designs that adhere to your brand guidelines. Check out my book to learn how to use Canva for Work to the fullest!


Guy Kawasaki's endorsement of Ready, Set, Brand! book on Canva for Work

Guy Kawasaki endorses Ready, Set, Brand! My guidebook for Canva for Work.

“Don’t tell me, show me!”

More of a visual person? Watch my FREE 20-minute intro course to see how easy Canva is to use.


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