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Up and Running with Skype for Windows

Up and Running with Skype for WindowsGet started with Skype, the popular software application for making audio and video calls over the Internet.  In this online course, I’ll show you what you need to get up and running – from creating an account to setting up your webcam and microphone. You’ll learn how to make your first call, set up a contact list, and get going with some of the more advanced features.

“Even though I have been using Skype for quite many years, I learnt quite many nice things from Lisa Larson-Kelley’s lesson and upgraded them with my Skype account. The language is clear friendly and very enjoy[able].”

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Why Skype?

This powerful tool is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends, but it’s also sophisticated and full-featured, so you can even run your business from a Skype phone number. Over the past 10 years, Skype has established itself as an essential tool for communication over the web, connecting more than 300 million users worldwide. Now that Skype is built directly into Windows 8.1, millions of people have easy access to this powerful communication tool.

It has a variety of communication types, from video calls and audio calls to text chat. And the capabilities don’t end there – with a premium account, you can have multi-way voice conferences of up to 25 people, along with Group Video Calling supporting up to 10 people.

“I liked the real time interaction with others, adds a lot to class. Did a great job, was easy to follow and covered materials is sufficient depth (adding only details where needed).”

Who is Skype for?

Skype is for anyone who wants to communicate efficiently with family, friends, or business colleagues anywhere in the world. You could be a student communicating with your teacher, a new parent introducing your baby girl to her grandparents, a soldier connecting with your family from the other side of the world, or a businessperson having a virtual meeting with your team. Whatever your reason for needing to communicate, Skype is a great tool that will enable you to do so easily and cost-effectively.

“Lisa is GREAT.  Speaks slow enough to understand and follow.  I’d watch ANY course she has to offer.”

What you’ll get:

Become a Skype expert today in just 2 hours, and gain access to easy-to-follow video tutorials that help you learn software, business, creative skills, and more!

Watch Up and Running with Skype Now!

“Wow…it was so easy and FAST to learn all about Skype.  I am planning on using for joint conference calls with my customers.  Thank [you]!”

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